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Abraham Moles (1920 - 1992) is engineer in electricity and acoustics, doctor in physics and philosophy. He taught sociology, psychology, the communication, the Design… in Hochschule für Gestaltung of Ulm and in the universities of Strasbourg, San Diego, Mexico City, Compiegne,…


Founder of the Institute of Social Psychology of the Communications with the ULP, which was commonly called the School of Strasbourg by the former students become university in the whole world and now brought together in the International association of Micropsychologie and Social Psychology of the Communications. http://micropsy.ifrance.com/moles/moles_oeuvre.html


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  • experimental Musics , Zurich, Circle of art, 1961
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  • and phonation , (in collaboration with B. Vallancien) Paris, Masson, 1966
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  • Creativity and methods of innovation , Paris, Beech, 1970
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